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Welcome to Kenneth Mwale official website. Ken, as he prefers to be called is an author, a professional speaker, businessman and a Pastor. 

As an author, Ken has published two books; “God is Not Religious” a book for those who want to know God without cluttering their relationship with religion. This book helps readers to develop a deeper relationship with their creator without being religious. It also highlights the dangers of religion, especially the religiosity of the Christian faith. 

The second book is called “Money Answers all Things”. This book helps the reader understand the language of money. Ken explores the subject of money from earning, spending, and explains why everybody has the potential to earn lots of money. He argues in this book that money is not in short supply. There cannot be a short supply of money because real money is invisible and inexhaustible, he says. 

As a professional speaker, Ken frequently holds seminars on the subjects he covers in his two books. He regularly runs one day “God is not Religious” and “Money answers all Things” workshops in different places. He is also a sort after seminar/conference speaker on various subjects. He speaks to different audiences which include Churches, corporate, youths, married couples, and business. 

As a businessman, Ken is the owner of “Arkad Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Arkad Business Solutions is a consulting firm which has a number of facets which include; Procurement, business facilitation, Brokering and commodities sourcing.  He has also been a Pastor for well over ten years now. In the ten years, he has worked as senior pastor, as well as associate and youth Pastor.  Ken has vast experience in Christian Leadership and holds a Masters degree in Christian Leadership. He lives in Pretoria with his wife Rabecca and their two children, Jethro and Jemimah.