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Wellness by taking care of their 

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Satisfy your employee, chances are that he/she will be self motivated and will in turn satisfy your customers. This cycle of satisfied employee, satisfied customer, repeated business and a healthy bottom line will be kept going as long as the employee is satisfied. Newer research is showing that employee satisfaction does not only come from higher pay but from a sense of being valued. When employees feel valued by they become loyal and a loyal employee is a productive employee. A Chaplaincy program makes an employee feel valued.


At any given time, someone within the company is going through a personal problem that will impact on their concentration, morale and productivity. These could be marital or family problems, alcohol or drug abuse, job stress, financial or legal problems, or some other personal difficulty like an illness. Arkad Corporate Chaplaincy Assistance Program helps employees within the workplace cope with these challenges of life, enhancing workplace emotional wellbeing thereby increasing morale and productivity. Though difficult to quantify, an emotionally healthy workplace is good for the bottom line. Our services are available 24 hours a day throughout the year, including all weekends and public holidays, to support employees to manage their personal emotional problems which impact negatively on their work.

Our program is broad based, proactive and personalized, aimed at helping employees deal with those personal problems that they bring to work that the management may not be trained to deal with. That is where we come to help management by dealing with these issues while they (management) focus on running the business. The management help the people through us.


1. Personal problems that employees bring to work impact negatively on their productivity if left unattended.

2. It makes business sense to use a corporate chaplaincy assistance program because though difficulty to quantify, personal issues that employees come to work with have a negative effect on the bottom line

3. Due to our fast paced life styles and our modern urban cultures which focuses on the nuclear family, fewer and fewer people are turning to traditional forms of community (whether extended family, neighbours, or faith communities) for assistance with life’s problems. This program may be the only help for them.

4. It is a broad-based program that makes business sense for our time because in our modern work life people spend the majority of their time at work, which makes it the right place to get help from.

5. It is good for the bottom line.



1. Decreased absenteeism

2. Improved morale

3. Reduce employee conflicts 

4. People feel valued

5. Increases employee retention

6. Increases employee productivity

7. Improves workplace safety

8. Reduces employee stress

9. Increases employee commitment to company goals and objectives

10. Increases employee loyalty to the company

11. Improves employee attitudes

12. Improves teamwork



Availability: On call for crisis intervention/diffusion and emergency situations in the workplace.

Work site Visits/Rounds: Brief weekly worksite visits in order to get to know employees, offer a moment of encouragement and be available for confidential discussions for those going through a personal crisis or concern.

Confidential discussions: we hold confidential discussions for personal problem issues with employees and their immediate family members

Coordinate assistance/Referral service: we coordinate assistance for employees or immediate family members who require professional help with issues related to HIV/AIDS, drug or alcohol dependency and/or psychiatric problems through outpatient or hospitalized care.

Support and advise leadership on matters of religion, morals, and ethics as they impact individuals in the company/organisation.

Speak at in-house or outside events, as requested by management.

Assist by planning, officiating or attending weddings of employees or immediate family members, including premarital discussions and follow up contact with the newlywed couple

Help by planning, conducting or attending funerals of employees or immediate family members, including follow-up support and encouragement to family members during the grief period

Make jail visits to employees or immediate family members who are incarcerated; assist family members during time of separation; help with transition of individuals back into mainstream society


Management is helped because a monthly report highlight key issues prevalent in employees lives in the workplace. This arms management with important information to put together specialized initiatives to support employees in their struggles thereby boosting morale and productivity. Other specific advantages include:

1. Because this service is outsourced, there are no HR issues involved as the people offering it are not part of the company

2. It is Proactive and personalised doesn't wait for a crisis to happen before help is sort

3. The program offers multiple services to individuals and family members

4. People will use it more because we are independent and non involved

5. The employee will find help at work and go back to work immediately, Versus them going away from work to do so



Please find our fees structure and a discussion form on the next page:

The Arkad Corporate Chaplaincy Assistance Program is provided by Arkad Business Solutions, a management consulting firm. The service is paid for by a R5 500 monthly retainer for 20 hours of any confidential discussions or trauma emergency diffusion within our client workforce. After the 20 hours have been used up, a R 400 per hour is charged for any extra service rendered. This Program is voluntary and can be used by people of all faiths and ranks within an organization. Personal problems go beyond our faith orientation and so does our assistance program.